Festa del Vino 2016

Ah, the Festa del Vino (Wine Festival) We found out about this the night before and decided to go along (the word Vino was the main selling point). It was in a lovely town called Ortezzan, about 45 mins away from us. We arrived at about 5pm, which we didn’t know was early (being new to the country) and was a bit empty. But that didn’t stop us from sampling a few glasses of the local Vino. Our first stop was this stall where we we found out that you have to buy a ticket and then give it in to get you wine. Not knowing how much 3 small glasses of Vino Cotto (Cooked Wine) would cost i was stunned when the cashier says 3€. I couldn’t get a 1 glass back in the UK for that price i thought. We had our wine (which i enjoyed but some didn’t) and some biscotti.


As we walked around, the stalls were setting up and every corner you turned there were more. We thought against having another drink so early on and took in the sights.

The town isn’t overly that big and we walked round it in 45 mins, stopping of to look at the church, the wine being cooked on open fires and taking in the scenery. On the way we noticed a lovely restaurant with outside seating and thought we would have to try it later.

The town started to fill up at about 7 pm and music was being played. We by one of the bands and 14324421_10154089651894842_2305707619165860807_olistened for a while. But the smell of food wafting through the town was too much for us so we headed to the restaurant. We asked the waitress for a table for 4 but was advised it would be an hours wait. Hungry (and a little tipsy by now, as we stopped of at a few of the wine stalls on the way) we booked a table and went off for a little street food. We found a stall that served meat skewers and chips for quite a reasonable price (4€) and sat down a the tables that were in the plaza. People were dancing and music was in the air as we ate.

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The restaurant we went to was called Osteria La Rosa dei Venti. The food was amazing and at a really good price, if you ever visit this town, please check it out. We had a litre of the house red, which was surprisingly good (the house wine in Italy is very hit and miss). The place was busy and lively which added to the atmosphere. 14362531_10155285420343266_1042820580703238892_oWe finished our meal and went of again. Round the corner was line dancing which we stopped to watch for a while, and quickly disappeared as soon as they asked for volunteers. With the night drawing in and Millie getting tired, we headed back to the car for the journey home. Which is a shame as we passed a stage that was getting ready for a band to play, at 11pm!!. We now know not to arrive so early as the party doesn’t get started until about 9pm and goes on until the early morning. But it was nice to experience our first of many festivals in Italy.